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American Comic Movies

When we talk about American popular movies, comic movies can by no means be left out. Since the foundation of Walt Disney Company, American movie producers have adapted a great number of popular comics into movies, the most well-known of which include Superman series, Batman series, X-men series and the like. Here, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on these movies.


Why comic movies are so popular

Above all, comic movies are a part of the modern movie industry, so like any other products of Hollywood, they are usually labeled “commercial, patternized and superficial”. However, that comic movies attract large numbers of fans does have reasons.

Firstly, comic movies clearly position themselves. Their producers know they are for recreation. The audience prefer laughing to thinking when watching such movies. As a result, directors add humor, action, love affairs, monsters and anything that entertains people into their works. Therefore, people can’t take their eyes off these excellent films.

Secondly, comic movies have patterns. Usually, there’s this boogeyman dreaming to rule the world. Then a superhero has to defeat him. The hero must have a pretty lady to be caught by the bad guy, and at last, the hero successfully saves the world as well as his beloved. The pattern bores audience, but at the same time reduces the risk a new story might bring. This guarantees movie companies a high efficiency in producing new movies. After all, audience watch them for fun instead of seeking the meaning of life.

Thirdly, comic movies display core moralities of Americans. Without the real world holding them back, comic movies can create any ideal situation for superheroes to show their bravery, determination, sense of justice and responsibility. Of course, audience love to see the credos they hold are showed by their beloved cartoon characters. This not only arouses pride in people, but also appeals to the hot-blooded youths, who happen to make up the most proportion of movie viewers.

Last but not least, as a creative genre, comic movies stage innovative means of artistic expression. For example, Ratatouille, my personal favorite, uses music and color to symbolize different tastes. And Sin City, places its characters in a black-and-white background, and consecrates its heroes with silhouettes against strong light. Comic movies never lack funds and sophisticated CG technology, but what makes the truly outstanding ones unprecedented is the artistic expression methods, given that comics are shallow in most cases.


Comic movies evolve

Although comic movies are thought superficial, they are indeed evolving and ornamenting themselves with deeper connotations. Two of these pioneers are Batman, the Dark Knight and Watchmen.

The Dark Knight creates a complete figure of Batman. Like any superhero, Batman used to be a macho fighter with little human feelings. He does not feel guilty to kill, has little family relationship but the love for his girl and is always the emblem of justice. The Dark Knight shatters all these. Batman is misunderstood by the multitudes and becomes the bad guy. The half-hero-half-villain antagonist is considered the true hero. The movie puts Batman in a dilemma, and after frustrations and guilt, he decides to demonize himself for the greater good. In this sense, Batman is shaped as a superhero of high morality and acumen, which distinguishes him among all the comic heroes.

Watchmen focuses on the whole society. After the cold war, the world is nothing it was, thus superheroes find themselves useless in the new era. Some of them die, some hide, and some make good use of their fame. Their varied choices lead to different results. Despite its dump end, the idea that superheroes are discarded by the world is appealing and thought-provoking. Indeed, besides waving their fists, what can superheroes do when they’re “acting human”?

To conclude, comic movies are not satisfied with their old contents. They are trying to go deeper into superheroes and show who they really are. They are trying to discover how the world might treat them if they really existed. They are trying to discuss how superheroes affect the world. Now the trend emerges, and hopefully it will go on .


Why Chinese comic movies lag behind their American counterparts

Two major shortcomings of Chinese comic movies are childish main idea and conservative settings. Chinese cartoon characters are still traditionally black-and-white. The good ones know nothing evil. The bad ones vanquish and slay for no reason. Love between two genders is banned. All the above hardly leaves any room to deepen the main idea.

In fact, as anyone knows, China is opening its gate to welcome western popular culture. Every year, American comic movies and Japanese cartoons earn a large sum of money from Chinese audience. If Chinese government does not reform its censorship and modernize its definition of comics, there’s no chance that we can catch up.

Besides, the protection of intellectual property plays an essential part. American movies can make large benefits because people have to pay to watch them. However, in China, the popularity of piracy frustrates the comic makers and prevents them from creating excellent works.



In a word, American comic movies reach far beyond what most Chinese think they are. They relax and entertain people. In the meantime, they inject values into our heads, change what we think of the world and eventually appeal us to watch more comic movies. As can be seen in recent comic movies, they are covering more. I am a comic movie fan. I hope in the coming years, I will be able to see comic movies exceed their old works and become “more mature”, and maybe one day, are nominated as one of the best movies of Oscar.








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